Travel Guide

GUIDED VISITS to Corciano and to main art & history towns of Umbria.

On request guided visits to Corciano village get organised.
Corciano, a medieval small town to be discovered - the itinerary of the visit:
- Visit to the Municipality of Corciano, with splendid XVI-century frescos in its halls.
- Corso Cardinale Rotelli, the main street of the town.
- Via del Moro, a characteristic medieval lane.
- Via della Torre, the most antique part of the town.
- Piazza Coragino square, the main place of religious, civil and economic life of the town.
- The Santa Maria Assunta church, in which one can admire such important painting art pieces as the “Pala dell’Assunta” – the altar-piece of the painter Pietro Vannucci called Perugino, as well as the “Gonfalone” by the painter Bonfigli.
Visit to Torrione, a defense structure built in the XV century.
- A walk along Ballarini street.
- Visit to the San Francesco Church-Museum, a gothic church with important paintings. (The internal part of this church can be visited unless an exhibition preparatory works keep it closed for public).
- Visit to the Museum of a Country folk house. Situated in the old centre of the town, the Museum consists of a typical old house of Corcianese inhabitants, that is a testimony of the local folk wisdom, the local way of living and economy that was predominant in Corciano up until few decades ago. The collection, started around the 70-ies, includes work tools and domestic life objects of the pre-industrial period.
- Visit to the Museo della Pievania. The Museum della Pievania, existing since 1974, was created on the initiative of the Corciano priest, inside the San Cristoforo Church and collects the most significant objects and testimony of religious and devotional life of the community of Corciano. In fact, in the Museum various sacred images are exhibited: XII century frescos,  frontals, icons, crosses, trade canvas and standards, reliquaries, vestments (chalices, ciboria, lamps, chasubles, cloth, planets, copes etc.).
- Centre for enhancing Typical Products: it is an exhibition-museum regarding nutrition and the local typical food.

Cost of the visit in the Italian language: 3.00 euro per person
Cost of the visit in English:  5.00 euro per person

For groups over 20 persons a discount if provided in a number of free admissions.